2. Development and production process

Development and production process

In order to realize the customer’s needs, we are able to reseach and develop – design prototype -test and evaluation – production preparetaion – mass production with collective IHARA technical staff.


  1. 1.Customer requirements

    We develop parts which meet cost, quality and short time delivery and achieve green procurement.

  2. 2.Meeing of specifications

    We have adopted the CE system, ask customer(designer) required perfomance and layout information of the products prior to finalize drawing.

  3. 3.3D & 2D design

    Create solid model in 3D, study the machining and assembly process or interference, then finally issue the receipt drawing.

  1. 4. Prototyping

    Parts that are designed with solid model is cut by own made machining center with CAD/CAM,therefore achieve short time prototype process.

  2. 5.Discharge performance confirmation

    Check whether meet planned discharge amount with in-house equipment. Then supply the prototype parts to coustomer.

  3. 6.Various durability evaluation (by customer request)

    Along the customer’s needs, conduct a variety of reliability tests such as endurance test.

  4. 7.Decide specification

    While taking perfect confidentiality, we develop in accordance with the customer’s development schedule.

  5. 8.Recipt drawing

    we are working on proposal development. we are always positively and develop to lead to the good results.

  1. 9.Production preparation

    Making use of machine-maker’s advantage, we have designed production process and manufactured machines and jigs.

Mass production